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Your vehicle braking system is an integral safety feature that demands regular inspection and replacement. Left unchecked, worn brakes could prove ineffective in an emergency and may ultimately compromise your own welfare or the safety of other road users and pedestrians. At Croft Autos, a reputable garage in the heart of Liverpool, we replace car brakes to maintain the highest standards of vehicle safety.


If you’ve noticed slower braking speeds or worrying noises when you bring your vehicle to a halt, call us today and arrange a detailed inspection of your vehicle. We’ll take a closer look at your brakes and provide an honest recommendation on whether you need to replace the pads, discs or shoes. Croft Autos never recommend work your vehicle doesn’t need.


If we do have to replace your car brakes, we’ll always use OEM compliant or genuine manufacturer parts. We never compromise your safety by fitting inferior components and, because we have immediate access to trusted suppliers throughout Liverpool and the wider Merseyside area, Croft Autos can have the parts you need delivered quickly for faster turnaround times.


We’ll never charge you for a basic safety check, and if we have to fit new car brakes, we’ll undertake all work to the highest standards and personally guarantee our labour and parts. Never leave personal safety to chance. Protect the welfare of your family and other road users by calling the team at Croft Autos of Liverpool for all of your brake replacement requirements.

Clutches Replaced & Repaired in Liverpool

Your clutch connects your engine and transmission, and allows you to transfer power from one to the other. In a manual transmission vehicle, a well-maintained clutch ensures you get from A to B safely and smoothly. The most common problems that Liverpool motorists experience with their clutches are slipping, sticking, chatter and noise.


On average, clutches needs to be replaced every 100,000 miles or so, although a particularly aggressive driver will notice that their clutch wears down slightly quicker. You’ll need to enlist one of Liverpool’s garages to do the job because it’s an especially tricky task to carry out on a DIY basis – even if you have good basic mechanical skills and the right equipment.


If your clutch is damaged or worn, your vehicle may exhibit symptoms including:

  • Burning Smell
  • Rattling or Squealing Sound
  • Jolting When Accelerating
  • Difficulty Changing Gears
  • Loss of Acceleration

Noticed any of the above? Bring your vehicle to our Liverpool garage where all parts used and our labour come guaranteed. If you require car repairs, replacement brakes or a new clutch fitted, you can rest assured that the job will be done properly at Croft Autos.

The Croft Autos team has replaced or repaired countless brakes and clutches for Liverpool motorists. Have an issue that needs seeing to? Call 0151 236 4284.

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